Peer Reviewed 

Journal Articles

2014. A King Named Nicki: Strategic Queerness and the Black FemmeCee. Special Issue, “All Hail the Queenz: A Queer Feminist Recalibration of Hip Hop Scholarship,” Women and Performance 24(1): 29-45.

Public Scholarship

2016. “Unapologetically Black?: On Shapeshifting, Healing, and Ritual Regret.” Anthropology News, July 16.

2014. “Black on Purpose: Race, Inheritance, and Queer Reproduction,” The Feminist Wire, October 10.

2012.  "Mediated (Be)Longing: Consumer Citizenship and Queer Caribbean Diaspora." In Theorizing Homophobias in the Caribbean, edited by Rosamond S. King and Angelique V. Nixon.  Digital Library of the Caribbean.  Available at

Book Chapters

2012. 'This is Not a Protest:' Managing Dissent in Racialized San Francisco. Pp. 91-104. In Black California Dreamin': The Crises of California’s African-American Communities. Santa Barbara: Center for Black Studies.

2011. (with Diana Slaughter-Defoe). Whither Go the Status Quo?: Independent Education at the Turn of the 21st Century.  In Black Educational Choice: Assessing the Private, Parochial, and Public Alternatives to Traditional K-12 Public Schools. Diana Slaughter-Defoe, Howard Stevenson and Deborah Johnson, eds. Santa Barbara: Praeger.